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Premier Fire Door Manufacturers and Suppliers

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At Aimant Doors, we take pride in being one of the leading fire door manufacturers in Chennai and fire door suppliers in the industry. With a strong commitment to safety and quality, we specialize in producing a wide range of fire doors designed to protect lives and property. Our extensive line-up includes 120 minutes fire door manufacturers, fire shaft door manufacturers, fire hydrant door manufacturers, and more, all meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of safety and durability.


We are the leading fire door manufacturers in Chennai and our Fire Rated Doors have been tested for up to 120 minutes fire rating to IS 3614 Part 2 and BS 476 Part 22. Aimant fire rated doors available at 45, 60 and 120 minutes options. We are the best fire rated door manufacturers in Chennai able to offer a large range of hardware options as the door to meet the requirement.


The internal construction of the fire door is specially designed honey comb structure or mineral wool with reinforcement all around. Door frames and shutters are finished with zinc phosphate with epoxy primer and finished with PU paint or Powder coating as required up to a minimum of 80 microns of approved RAL colour. Aimant Steel doors and frames are powder coated finish for extra protection against harsh coastal or corrosive environments.

Specifications of Fire Rated Doors:

Specification Values
 Material  Galvanized Steel 120 GSM
Door leaf (skin) Thickness  0.8/1/1.2 mm
 Frame sheet thickness 1/1.2/1.6 mm
Shutter thickness  46 mm
 Frame Assembly Bolted
 In Fill Honey comb/Rock wool
Colors Available   RAL - 3020, 5005, 5015, 7001, 9001, 9002

Top Rated Fire Door Manufacturers in Chennai

Aimant door the leading fire rated door manufacturers in chennai offer both customized and/or standard size Fire Rated Doors compliance with international standards meeting quality, safety, and design and usability requirements.

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Why Choose Aimant Doors as Your Fire Door Manufacturer and Supplier?

Aimant door the leading fire rated door manufacturers in Chennai offer both customized and/or standard size Fire Rated Doors compliance with international standards meeting quality, safety, and design and usability requirements.


As dedicated fire door manufacturers and fire door suppliers, our primary aim is to ensure the safety and security of individuals and properties in various settings. Here’s why Aimant Doors stands out among fire proof door manufacturers:


Unparalleled Expertise: With years of experience, our team of experts has honed their skills in designing and manufacturing fire doors that adhere to the most stringent industry regulations. We understand the critical role fire doors play in safeguarding lives and assets, and we take this responsibility seriously.


Extensive Product Range: Whether you need 120-minute fire doors for industrial facilities, fire shaft doors for commercial buildings, or fire hydrant doors for residential high-rise buildings, Aimant Doors has you covered. Our diverse product range ensures that you find the right fire door for your specific needs.


Superior Materials: We believe that the quality of a fire door starts with the materials used. That’s why we source only the finest, fire-resistant materials to construct our doors. Our commitment to quality ensures that our fire doors can withstand extreme heat and provide reliable protection in the event of a fire.


Customization: Every building is unique, and so are its fire safety requirements. As leading fire door manufacturers, we offer customization options to tailor our products to your exact specifications. This ensures a seamless fit and optimal protection for your premises.


Versatile Applications: Aimant Doors are trusted by a wide range of industries, including factories, industries, commercial buildings, residential high-rise buildings, warehouses, and the hospitality sector. Our fire doors are engineered to perform flawlessly in various settings, making us the preferred choice for diverse applications.

fire door manufacturers in chennai

Applications of Aimant Fire Doors: Ensuring Safety across Diverse Environment

Factories and Industries: In industrial settings, safety is paramount. Aimant Doors’ fire-resistant solutions are designed to contain fires and prevent them from spreading, protecting both personnel and valuable assets.


Commercial Buildings: Our fire doors are a crucial component of fire safety in commercial buildings, ensuring that occupants have adequate time to evacuate safely in case of a fire.


Residential High-Rise Buildings: Residents of high-rise buildings can rest easy knowing that Aimant Doors provide reliable fire protection, allowing for a safe exit during emergencies.


Warehouses: Warehouses often store valuable inventory and equipment. Our fire doors help prevent fire damage, preserving your assets.


Hospitality: The safety and well-being of guests are paramount in the hospitality industry. Aimant Doors contribute to creating a secure environment for both guests and staff.

Trusted Partner For Your Business

At Aimant Doors, we understand the importance of fire safety, and our commitment to excellence drives us to produce fire doors that exceed industry standards. When you choose Aimant Doors as your fire door manufacturer and supplier, you’re choosing peace of mind and the assurance that lives and property are protected.  Contact us today to discuss your fire door needs, and let us help you find the perfect fire-resistant solution for your unique requirements. Your safety is our priority. If you’re in Chennai and looking for a reliable fire rated door manufacturer, Aimant Doors is a great option to consider.

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